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Hurricane Insurance Claims

Floridians are usually prepared for the worst when it comes to Hurricanes and the extensive damage they can cause. Most people aren’t prepared for the difficulties that can be faced trying to get compensated by their insurance companies after a hurricane. CBS News recently aired an investigative report about how some insurers go to great lengths to hinder prompt resolution of claims.

Hurricane Ian Claims

Tropical Tradewinds Gets 226% increase on claim payment for Cape Coral Resident!

Recently Tropical Tradewinds founder, Robert Rosado, helped an elderly couple who reside in Cape Coral resolve their hurricane insurance claim. They had experienced roof and interior damage due to the wind and water including cracks to interior walls. Their enclosed patio roof collapsed under the weight of the water from Hurricane Irma. Their insurance company sent an adjuster out who decided that the total damages was just a little over their deductible and paid approximately $3000.00. These policyholders fought back with their own insurance professionals at Tropical Tradewinds.

Once we processed the claim and inspected the property with the insurance company the policyholders netted a settlement of $67,886.53 which was 226% higher than the insurance company original offer. As a result, they were able to complete all repairs. If you have a Hurricane Irma claim that was denied or underpaid, call Tropical Tradewinds today for a free consultation.

Superstorm Sandy - New Jersey Area Claims

Tropical Tradewinds is also licensed in New Jersey and we were on the ground after Superstorm Sandy to help policyholders after so many people lost so much. Sadly many people who did not have their own insurance professionals had to wait for far too long to get the fair settlements from the insurers that they were owed.

One claim that Tropical Tradewinds successfully resolved involved a home that had damaged windows due the the intense shaking from the storms caused by wind. The integrity of the windows was compromised and as a result, the building envelope was no longer structurally sound. Their insurance company attempted to improperly deny the claim stating that it was not covered. The experts at Tropical Tradewinds conducted a comprehensive inspection of the property and the insurance policy which led to full payment for the damage to all the windows and more. Tropical Tradewinds worked with their team of specialists, including engineers and contractors to determine the cause and extent of damage resulting in full payment on a previously denied claim.

Hurricane insurance claims should always be handled by professionals to ensure that you are fully and fairly compensated. You owe it to yourself, your family and your business to make sure your claim is properly handled. Call Tropical Tradewinds today for a free claim consultation.

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