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Hurricane Dorian Insurance Claims

Hurricane Dorian Preparation

All homeowners please prepare for Hurricane Dorian! Make sure to board up all openings in your home, prepare for power outages and have flashlights ready. Secure any and all objects that may become projectiles around the home, Intense high winds can cause major damage And may even cause death. Provide plenty of water and food…

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Hurricanes vs Tornados

We are coming into the rainy season here in South Florida, not to mention that on June 1st, Hurricane season also starts. Many people cringe when they hear that Hurricane season is here. It is my opinion, that residing in South Florida, where hurricanes are prevalent, would be better than living in the Mid-West where…

Hurricane Michael “Warning and Direction”

Hurricane Michael fell short of being a Category 5 storm by 2 mph. The devastation that this storm caused will go down to be one of the costliest storms to hit the Florida panhandle in decades. When the storm is over, the cleanup begins. Massive utility crews from all over the state and neighboring states, will descend on the…