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Assignment of Benefits - Florida Senate Bill 122

Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Florida Senate Bill 122

“Assignment of Benefits” (AOB) is ANY instrument by which post-loss benefits under a residential or commercial property insurance policy as defined in Fl. Stat. 627.0625(1), are assigned or transferred or acquired in any manner, in whole or in part, to or from a person “Providing services to protect, repair, restore or replace property or to…

Property Insurance Coverage

Homeowners Insurance “Are They Really Protecting YOU?”

The insurance industry considers itself to be protecting their customers from a catastrophic situation covered under the POLICY. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I have seen situations where they will cover losses. The problem comes in, when they agree you have a covered loss, and they pay you 50 cents on the…

Forced Managed Repair Programs (MRP)

Forced Managed Repair Programs (MRP)

If your insurance company has a Managed Repair Program you may be in for a surprise if you have to present a claim. Some insurance companies have been adding language to their policies that force you to use vendors selected by the insurance company to make repairs to your home. This means that your insurance…