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Special Limits of Liability

Special Limits of Liability

Did you know you are limited in what you can recover for your damaged electronics, jewelry and art?

You may not be aware that your insurance policy contains a section entitled “Special Limits of Liability” which creates limitations in the amount of money you can recover for a variety of items. This is a section that most people are not familiar with, but should be.

If you are a collector of art, jewelry, coins, guns or any other valuable collectables you should purchase additional coverage for those items to protect yourself from loss. These items can be lost in a variety of ways including fire, wind event or even theft. You may be unaware that your standard homeowner policy contains exclusions and limitations for these and other items.

Check your insurance policy to be sure or contact a professional from Tropical Tradewinds to have a complimentary policy review and make sure you are not caught off guard in the event of a loss.

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